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Check Out How You Can Turn Your Old Attachment to Fancy Locs

Happy Sunday beautiful people.

Looking for the best way to save some money this long vacation? Cut down on some of your expenses like hairdo. You don’t have to spend so much on making your hair. You can reuse some of your old attachment and make something really cute and chic.
I usually don’t throw away my attachment after I use it, but then after sometime,  I’ll just be like,  what can I even do with it? These hairstylists will even make me look stupid for using an old attachment, and then I’ll just throw it away.  😑

But recently, I received sense from above!  Hallelujah! 😀  I packed my old attachment and started doing DIY faux locs on my hair.  Of course I didn’t finish, but it looked really beautiful, like the ones all these Americana’s post on instagram.
So, I packed my old attachment, marched to my hairstylist, defying all looks of stupidity, and got me my fancy faux locs. 😍

Watch the video to see how it looks …


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