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Why Are Some Nigerians Comfortable in Suffering?

Sometimes I feel some Nigerians like to suffer, I think for them,  suffering is something that has to be, if not life is not complete. Suffering for them seem like a prerequisite for their myopic definition of standard living.

I’ve been in the village for two weeks. Before I arrived, I was told there hasn’t been light for some “months” (ladies and gentlemen, months) because some village people siphoned a whooping sum of N500,000 meant for light bills and therefore, PHCN cut short the light supply to the community. Nobody has agreed to say anything. (this has happened before). Which is why it is very annoying.

We have been using generator since then and almost every 2-3 days we buy fuel worth 1000. So if you do the math,  in a week we spend up-to 3 thousand on fuel alone. Those that don’t have generator, toh, the Lord is still their strength. 😚

  The community has a public tap for those who cannot afford to get their private taps which doesn’t function without light.  So now,  individuals in the community have to use money to purchase water from those who have commercialized it.  Still no one is talking. 
Everyday I wake up, I ask myself,  why are people here so comfortable with this blackout?  Why aren’t they saying anything? The people that went away with the money are still in their midst. Nobody is arresting them. Nobody is even angry to begin with.

Everybody is waiting for Christmas so that “abroad” people (which is what they call those that are members of the village but are not resident in the village) will come and give them back 500,000 Naira that they used to drink beer and eat goat meat.  😡

I have sat down and I have wondered: Do their  children even watch television?🤔 … Because walai the crying of children for television alone can make a parent want to take action to restore light! Yet nobody is saying anything.

The part that really got to me is when they said each house should pay 2000 naira to add up to N500,000 so that they can repay Nepa. This directive was given by the same people that made away with the money… Still nobody is saying anything! Nobody is angry! Chai! 🙆

Wo, I’ve complained and I’m tired of talking… I think when people have set their minds on doing penance just because,  there is little you can do to save them. They are comfortable in suffering and it is bad. Nobody should have to live that way.  I sometimes tell myself it is because they don’t know better, yet, even that, is not enough reason.

What I’m I saying? This is typical Nigeria. It is things like this that cause our leaders to see us as gullible. They can feed us with whatever  balderdash and we take it, hook line and sinker. We are so blind that we don’t mind that the same people that caused us pains want to rule us and we are even going for it and campaigning for the same.  We are so comfortable in our suffering that we yearn for it time and time again.

We need to do better. In 2019, We should not vote based on popular political party,  we should vote based on individuals that are capable, not those that have ruled us and still “nothing come out”. Let’s try new wine Biko.


  1. This is so true though… Nigerians have gotten so used to suffering!!!

  2. And it is very disturbing. #smh

  3. Maybe there are too afraid. Maybe some people have spoken and the outcome was not pretty. Because light and water are too essential for a community to turn a blind eye to.

  4. Exactly why we drink ijebu garri without sugar. SUFFERING 😌

  5. You have a point there… However, if the outcome was bad, it means that only a select few took action. If a whole community will react, I don't think their situation will remain unchanged.

  6. Off me 😂😂😂😂

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