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Fam, today’s gist is hawt! I’m almost going out of my mind typing…

I had agreed with someone for a feature post on the blog… I suggested he come up with something exciting that will blow my mind (lol). I guess when they said “be careful what you ask for” they were referring to times such as this.

Behold, therefore, a chronicles by Orjiugo Victor . . . 😌

You are wondering why I would be writing  about my feelings for a girl? And No!  Its not lust,  or perverted desires,  its a genuine  feeling. I daydream about  her,  i often times try my best to show my care,  but the story is as complicated  as the person writing it.

First of,  i’d like to mention that am a philsogynist,  i have a certain likeness for females,  not just attraction, i find them very insightful  and like being  around  them,  this could  have been birthed by my childhood experiences “grew up with only my sisters and my mother”.

So the faithful day was at a meeting for an SDG support group (Name with-held) . We were the newbies, and we were also kinda came really late LOL,
She sat beside  me at the last row in the hall.  She seemed  so cute,  young,  sweet smile, sexy charisma. And I sensed an awesome  fashion sense at first sight.  I admired this girl.  And staring at her made me lose my motor skills, I couldn’t even speak to her properly. So few epic failed moments  of trying to get her attention.
But I had to do everything possible to get any information from her,  at least her name, Best case scenario her phone number. I got the former.

Weeks later,  I happened to come across a seemingly  interesting name on a social media public group chat of the SDG’s Support Group. The name seemed familiar so I did a little  cross checking and it was MY CRUSH! I was mighty excited  to text her.


Me: Hi
Me: Do you remember me from the meeting?
Me: Hi


….to be continued….

***Drop your comments below! It will be really nice to get a feedback from you. 


  1. Let the story continue already. this one caught my attention

  2. Thank you YuceeπŸ˜€. The second part will be posted soon

  3. Ahhh…y na..continue already

  4. Lol. The second part is coming soon

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