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When “The Hustle” Is No Longer Theory…

I greet you all in the name of our ancestor who created hustle… The motivation behind such an invention is still mystery to me anyway… But that is besides the point.

I went job hunting today and no,  it was not all “whoop whoop!”. And before you get all judgy and be like… “How naive is this girl,  does she not know that jobs these days is by who know who?” Let me quickly add that I know that. πŸ™„ But I just wanted to…you know…you know….try it out. Plus all the people I knew were not forth coming.  So a girl’s gotta try. 🀷
I actually wanted something to keep me busy before NYSC posting as I was tired of staying home.
I had mapped out like four places. I began with the first two last week… Today I got to visit the other two places… The first one said they didn’t have any vacancy and the lady that replied me did so with an attitude. I felt like “Oh, well, this is Nigeria, you will chop all kinds of shit because you’re looking for work. Issokay” 🀧

The second place was where there was a little bit of psychological friction. 
It was not far from the first place so I decided to trek it out.  When I reached,  I was a bit disheveled. I brushed up a bit before entering (we don’t want to make a bad first impression now,  do we?πŸ€“). 
I met the security guard and asked to see the manager in a matter of fact manner. The manager was not around so she directed me on whom to see.  As I turned, I saw someone I knew. Ah! Mogbe!😨
She was one of those big girl snubs in school that never said hello. I didn’t know her name,  and I doubt she knew mine.  But we knew our faces 😁. She stared at me,  I stared at her and we still didn’t say a word to each other. (Don’t judge me πŸ˜‘)
I was in a more awkward position… She was making a purchase…like a big purchase and  I was there handing in my C. V, so I can be in a position to serve her. (I’m sure she heard the convo🀦). Something rang in my head I I felt embarrassed for some seconds. I left hurriedly. 
I was engulfed in deep thinking all the way back home,  that I was nearly hit by a keke. πŸ˜₯. 
I didn’t realize how cheap talk was until I was put in the position. I’m all for team “Be proud of your hustle… I am honestly”, but today I was put to the test and I slipped… I slipped fam! πŸ˜ͺ
But then,  I went back home,  thought about it again; and now,  I’m more ashamed that I was ashamed that I tried to hustle for me. 
But I was human. I guess as human beings we have these kinds of feelings (we are not made of iron) . But the main thing is that we never allow them overwhelm us and make us do things that aren’t okay, like try to be a “wannabe”. 
I therefore reaffirm strongly, that I’m a member of the “be proud of your hustle gang” and if I am put in a similar situation again,  I will hold my head high and affirm the creed! 


Don’t just read and pass.  Drop a comment. You sure have something to say! πŸ˜€


  1. Amen.mixed feelings tho. Bt then,the hustle must continue cos Las Las we go dey alryt 😊😁

  2. Lol. Nothing do us… Na de end go tell πŸ˜„.

  3. Lol. I felt your pain Nne

  4. Lol
    Thank you Ama 😊

  5. Lol. Thank you 😊

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