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Once Upon A Crush

Clears throat!

I have been stupid!

No, really, I have been stupid.

Once upon a time, a girl had a crush. A girl has had crushes before, but this one was pretty intense.

A girl was in second year. I had just graduated from naivety and was being initiated into the realm of university maturity. I think it was believed that second year is the year to start exploration, since in first year, it was assumed you did not know anything.

If you did not bloom in second year, you were considered a late bloomer, but if you bloomed in your first year, you have got the keys to a baby girl campus lifestyle. I don’t know who  made the rules but it was in everybody’s head.

Anyhoo, I was minding myself; I had just joined choir and was going for rehearsals when all of a sudden a fine bobo came along in the disguise of a choir director. You see, before then, I was not even a dedicated choir member. I will go for rehearsals once a week and not even sing with them on the d-day. I only went because apparently, I had to join a service unit and since I could not drag my shy self to drama, so I settled my behind in choir. I was not very serious.

But all that became history when one day during rehearsals, a young man appeared and said he was the director and had been away for a while for educational purposes. I mean, excuse me siiiiiiir! Aren’t you one fine breath of fresh air? 😊You look like you took a vacation in the garden of Eden. 😍Me? From that day I took choir rehearsals very seriously, I was browsing online for ‘how to score songs, how not to change key, how to modulate” etc. I never missed choir rehearsals and I was always punctual! I must bathed before every rehearsal (before then, it was a come as you are spree). I will now spray perfume as if my body odour depended on it. I think I finished a whole bottle in less than a month (no kidding). Mama was making an investment “yunoowhatamsain!”

I wore only my best clothes to rehearsals. In less than two weeks, I had become slay mama toh bad! There was no day I wouldn’t wear make-up. I didn’t mind being late to class, but that make-up must be worn mehn. Because you never know… what if I bump into him on my way to or from class? Baby girl’s  gotta look her best very best always!

Soon, I was daydreaming. I remember a day I went to buy tomatoes; I was wearing very loose and anyhow cloth because it was an emergency. Hunger was spinning me, yet the only thing on my mind was my crush. My god! my heart was beating just thinking about him. I was praying he wouldn’t see me like this, if not, I will just let the ground swallow me. Just when I was thinking and seeing vision, I looked towards my left and bobo was strolling with a guitar (yunnno how up and coming musicians be na). 😂

I did not stop to think. I grabbed my tomatoes, put my face down and fled. I did not even collect change, The girl was shouting after me “My friend, you forgot your change”.

Osinogini??😒 Shebi you have memorized my hostel and room number? Let’s meet there! My dignity is at stake here dear!




  1. Okurrrrrr this is so funny but I can relate sha 😁😁. The things we do when we crush, it can be very funny when we look back at it

    1. thatthickgirl says:

      😂😂😂😂. I am telling you! But at that time, it is serious business o. Lol.
      Thank you for the comment Uju.

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