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THICK GIRL PROBLEM 101: The Free Advice We Never Ask For

I am starting a series to address some common problems associated with being “fat/ thick/ chubby” in this part of the world. I hope that through these posts, you will realize some wrong you have been doing if you’re guilty and adjust as is necessary.


This post is specifically for those people who feel it is their sole responsibility on this earth to dish out advice even when nobody asked.

Most Nigerian are very very good at this! Sometimes I wonder if they know what they are doing, or maybe it is just the way they’ve been configured.

 I entered a taxi the other day and a lady suggested that since the driver had gone further than was expected it is good for me because I will exercise and loose weight in the process.

I laughed sarcastically and shouted “Thank you ma! You’re so kind.” 🙄

I don’t see how walking 20 steps can help me loose weight. Me that trek to and from my house to the junction every single day, I have not lost weight since. It is now about 20 steps that I will take today that will make me loose weight?? Comman see me and see nonsense o!

On another occasion, someone offered me grape fruit and because I declined, the next thing I heard was “You don’t want to loose weight?” Chineke mei! Where did that come from? Why have sense left the children of men??

Is it one slice of grape fruit that will make a full blooded human being like me to loose weight? Are they doing you from the village? 🙄

What is all this?

The one that is very very painful is when someone will chat you up, just to tell you, you are adding weight and you should try and be taking lemon and doing some exercises, so that you will not blow out of proportion!

Excuse me, Managing director of weight affairs!😒 You have never been interested in anything that concerns me, but because you saw my picture with puffy cheeks you decided it is time to flex your adviser skills?

I have suffered!

Dear Nigerian adviser, or whatever your nationality. Please it will not hurt you to mind your business every once in a while. Whether or not I want to loose weight is totally none of your business.

If you think I am adding too much weight, keep it to yourself, gossip about it or better still, dream about it when you sleep. Don’t come and disturb me. If I want to take lemon I will take lemon. If I am looking for tips on weight loss, Google is my friend.😎

Thank you!

Have you experienced any such unwanted advice before? Are you guilty of giving such free advice? Drop your comments!!

Don’t forget to leave a comment below. 😀


    1. thatthickgirl says:

      Thank you Zobahotice 😊

  1. orjiugo victor says:

    i am impressed, the new site is very attractive. Good story BTW.. we shouldn’t let peoples opinions make us do what is totally unnecessary.
    Me i wouldve just replied the woman that she should eat so she wouldnt “Slim out of Existence “

    1. thatthickgirl says:

      😂😂😂. I wish I could’ve borrowed your punch line then.
      Thank you Victor. 😊

  2. How about “write more blog posts so you’ll lose finger weight?”. I deserve a Nobelly prize for this weight loss advice. 🙂

    1. thatthickgirl says:

      😂😂😂. And your “possible Nobel Prize winning” advice will be taken for sure.
      Thank you Stan

  3. A very wonderful message dear, if and when one decides to loss weight it should be for oneself not because of another person. I don’t see how with all the skinny ladies around one person will choose to make me lose weight for him or her, that’s unfair. Nice one

    1. thatthickgirl says:

      Thank you Uju! I agree. Nobody should be out under pressure to loose weight… Nobody. It’s a decision one must make by one’s own self. Not for the sake of others.

  4. presh says:

    shurrrrrrr… we die here!!!!!! Better go and lose weight.. 😝😝😝😝😜

    1. thatthickgirl says:

      😂😂😂 LMAO. If I say I don’t want to nko?? 😂😂

  5. Nice one dear 👏

    1. thatthickgirl says:

      Thank you Sinem 😊

  6. Chidinma says:

    It’s more like a norm for us on the big side. You greet someone and the first thing the person says is try and lose weight o as if that is the response to the greeting.

    1. thatthickgirl says:

      Lol. Yeah. We get that a lot. People need to do better biko. Thank you Chidinma.

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