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THICK GIRL PROBLEMS: The Forbidden Pouch

Welcome to another episode of Thick Girl Problem 101. 🤓

Today, we would be discussing another touchy topic. I do hope you have your notepads and pen ready to take notes or jot down important points. 📝

Let’s start with the basics, shall we..

What is the forbidden pouch?🤔

I’m so happy you asked… it means you are a very keen student and are ready to learn so leggooooo!!!

An important point I will like you to know before we delve in is that; we all have the pouch; every one of us, the only thing is some have it more abundantly than others, because obviously, the creator has decided to favour some more than others. (you’ve got to take that up with him).😑

*The pouch is a round or oval shaped feature found midsection, between the thighs and the breasts of every human being (when you look at it vertically that is).

The thing about the pouch is that most people are repulsed by it, especially if it is large enough to contain all the necessary items necessary for human survival.

Even though every human has it, no one wants to show theirs off. Most humans fight tooth and nail to hide it. Now you wonder why that is? 😕

So, a village meeting was organized. Everyone needed to find a means to hide their pouch. Some sulked it in, some hid theirs in a loose cloth, some took up unnecessary work to give theirs a pretty design (mostly 6 dimensional), others found very tight material and enclosed it around their pouch. It caused them great physical discomfort, but hey, anything to make the village people happy.

And so the trend began. The Pouch must be hidden!

I should quickly add that those that have it more abundantly are Fat people (and some skinny ones who have taken it upon themselves to carry extra). I think it is one of the things God decided to bless them with. But they hate it! Not just them. Everyone hates it!

Soon people started to admire the robust girls who hid their pouches.  They gave them a name above every other girl. The called them ‘Thick” 😎 because the material around their pouches made their bosom and breast bigger and their waist thinner. They, of course have been “snatched” by those tight materials and have turned to hourglasses. They have the sexy look now. But that is not them, it is their intestines running away to find a safe space, since they have been displaced from their original habitation (poor things). 😥

Anyway, I just want you to know that soon, nobody will have a pouch. There will be no storage for our power house. That disgusting thing we all hate so much will find its place with the brows and soon nobody would remember how they were before they were no more.

PS: The men with big and large pouches unfortunately have not found a means to hide theirs. But they have succeeded in creating a distraction. They have exchanged disgust for wads of papers. 💸



Do you try to hide your “Pouch?” What method do you use?

Your comment’s on this post will mean a lot, so go on ahead and drop it!

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