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Diary of a Lagos Corper 2

Okaaay people I’m back again…yunno I promised you and I am always going to deliver..

After collecting kits on day one, we were all required to change into white over white, so soon, we were looking like white fowls kept secured in a poultry.

We started drills which was basically parades, but they like calling it drills so it would sound more serious.
The first day wasn’t so much, in fact, it was more fun than drilling. The second day; that was the problem.

Day 2.
Pam pam pam 2x pumpum pumpum pum pumpum pum….That was the bloody bugle sounding by 3;30am! 3:30am children of God! 😭I wanted to shoot somebody! I swear! I had barely slept a wink and they are already sounding the bugle. The worst is, we had woken up way before that time to have our bath. I had slept for just 2 hours 😭😭.
As I made my way to the parade ground, I felt hypnotized. My body felt was alien to me…I think I was sleep walking. 😢

The parade/ devotion lasted till 6:30, and since I was in Platoon 1, We were first for duty. Luckily I was in Kitchen and it had very minimal work with plenty gist😊. I felt like joining the kitchen queue was the best decision I had ever made in my entire life 😎.

After breakfast, we went back for drills which lasted till 2pm. Ladies and gentlemen, Imagine being on your feet and shouting ‘Hurraaaay” under the sun for 6hours..6 hot hours 😱! The parade later turned into a fainting frenzy! Children of men could not fit to can no more. 🤕

I was actually happy people were fainting because that would mean our being released on time…I was wrong, I was so wrong. They simply took them to the clinic and we continued our business. 😖
Ow, lest I forget, you see those Red cross people, I loathed them! Mens where sitting down, while the lot of us where standing. Common to trade space with you for 5mins they will be doing shakara 😒.
My legs were sore…my feet hurt bad I felt like I wouldn’t be able to walk again.

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After the parade, I learnt that some of my morning duty kitchen team had escaped the afternoon parade by claiming “still on duty”. Local girl felt foolish!😖 I had an opportunity on a sliver platter and I choose hardship because, oh well, sense had obviously deserted me!.

After lunch however, I told myself, You see this sense, I must have it! So when the soldiers were sending us out for the evening parade, Local girl snuck out and went to the kitchen! 😎Even when they were looking at me funny and were like “if you know you are not supposed to be here, leave”, I stood my ground, because ladies and gentlemen, once you seek sense and find it, you should never let it go!🤗

That week, I felt like we had been in camp forever! The days were so slow! Everybody could testify. When it was just Thursday, I felt like we had spent close to a month already. Plus the camp activities were also boring that week. We only removed hair dressings, marched, shouted hurray, did devotions and had more parades. 🙄

Ow, every morning devotion routine went like this:

Come out, sing national anthem, sing NYSC anthem, Platoon on duty will lead National prayer (which is basically the second stanza of the national anthem, read out), Utility will give tips, Clinic will give lecture, Camp Coordinator will also give lecture that often times starts like this:

My prince and princesses, angels that fly without wings, good morning this morning. How was your night?” (Of which we are supposed to respond with “no option’) 😑

That was the camp coordinator’s signature greeting. It got to a point, we didn’t bother with her name anymore, we simply called her “Princes and Princesses”

“God is Good” was the state director’s own greeting.
At some point, it felt like instead of camp, we had come for NYSC Jesus crusade. 😂

After all the lectures, we do a little bit of morning warm up exercise. One thing I will miss about camp is the parade master, he was a truckload of fun with his “Aiiiiiiiit” and his “Keep on moving…keep on moving moving” anthem.. we continue with the exercises until Nigeria wakes up (if you didn’t know, Nigeria enjoys beauty naps too 😄).

Ow, lest I forget, in Lagos camp, you wear your white and white all through, no mufti, not even on Sunday. If you want to spice up your fashion and style a bit, you wear your khaki!
Another rule was, no smoking! The only smoke permitted on camp was the smoke from the generator and the one from the kitchen…they didn’t even seem to want smoke from candlelight. I was actually grateful for this rule, because some peoples smoking habit is so bad, they do it in public spaces.

The camp also had a no alcohol rule until evening.

The second week of camp took a more interesting turn 😋.. Stay with me!

If you were ever a corp member, what did you find most interesting about orientation camp?


  1. AmA'rugo says:

    This was hilarious biko 🤣🤣🤣 Ebonyi camp was way better. No wonder Adaora lost weight 😂

    1. thatthickgirl says:

      😂😂 I don’t think anyone will go to that camp and not loose weight. The only time I got a complain about Ebonyi camp was during your SAED lectures. I raise shoulder for una 😁.

  2. Yea, that first week of camp wasnt funny at all. My story was a bit worse in the sense that my khaki was stolen a day after it was given to me. It sha wasnt funny, had to sew another one

    1. thatthickgirl says:

      Ow, I would really love to hear your story! I can’t imagine what it must have felt like to have you khaki stolen when the next day is swearing in.

  3. Emmyson says:

    *Children of men could not fit to can no more.*… This line got me laughing loud!!! Nice one and beautifully written… I felt like I was living the story with you… Can’t wait sha😂

    1. 😂😂… I’m glad you like it… Congratulations by the way… I’m sure you will make an amazing corper shun 😂

  4. Juliet says:

    Interesting. Just want to keep reading

    1. Thank you Juliet. I’m glad you like it! 😁

  5. I thought of a alternative conclusion, but I undoubtedly comprehend your notion.

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