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Diary of a Lagos Corper 1

I have been MIA for a while now and I sincerely apologise for that. Will you forgive me? 😒
A lot has happened while I was away, one? I became a Corper Shun. 😊
In Nigeria, being a Corper means you have been called to serve the country for a period of one year. This service is mandatory as without it, you cannot contest for public office or get a really nice employment opportunity in Nigeria.

Sha, enough of the shop talk.

Initially, I had wanted to serve in a quiet state, somewhere that will enable me revive my faith (which had taken a downturn), and yet, I also wanted to serve where I would have an overflow of opportunities. So it was a toughie deciding which state would be the best to serve.

I registered anyway, and got posted to Plateau state. I was born there, grew up there and had only just spend four years away from there for tertiary education, my dad served there also, and you want me to go back? πŸ™„! I need to explore other states. My family members were also opposed to it, so who am I to want to go back?😌

Before then, Ogun was my choice, it seemed like a viable option since it was close to the commercial state and also has quiet places. But something happened and at the last minute, I got posted to Lagos instead.

I love letting my imaginations run wild, so the night before the camp, I pictured myself in Iyana Ipaja, dressed in white t-shirt and shorts. I was half scared and half excited.
In the morning my brother and I booked a cab to take me to the camp, because local woman didn’t want to get kidnapped along the road… because let’s face it, this is Lagos. 😢

Before coming, I had heard all the songs on the This is Lagos Album. Most of them were composed to ignite fear and heighten your paranoia. Well, they worked. Because local girl was apprehensive every step of the way. 😫
One of my favorite tracks on the album was “Don’t let them know you’re a JJC” by Big Sister. πŸ€—
Another was “Shine your eyes”. By Everybody 😊

I also love “Don’t ask directions from passersby” by Everybody ft Caring People πŸ˜™

On getting to the camp gate, as I stepped out of the car, all the sellers rushed me; “Anty buy this , buy that. As a newbie trying to claim “sabi”, I put up the “you cannot come and cheat me” face πŸ˜‘, but shiooorrr, they sha still cheated me. I have an unused marker as testimony. πŸ˜‚

Every PCM (Prospective Corp Member) in camp was trying to mind their business and form “tushed”. Me, I was every PCM too. 😝

I got to register for accommodation, the women there were a bit mean (this is not my handwriting 🀐). I was appointed room leader for my room, and all I was thinking was “oh shit, oh shit, this isn’t what I bargained for.”
The other registration processes seemed easy enough. The final step was getting your kit from your platoon inspector.
Here are some things you should know about the kit

1. They are never your size. πŸ˜‘

2. They are never ever your sizeπŸ˜‘
3. NYSC don’t care if you fit into them or not, they want you in them regardless. πŸ™„

4. If you don’t get someone to exchange with, Oyo is your case.

I couldn’t get anyone to exchange with so I had to spend 1500 to adjust my trousers at Maami market. Whaaaaat! 😱.
Let’s talk a bit about the rooms in Lagos camp. They are tight. No, really, they are very very tight. The spaces in between bunks don’t care if your buttocks is extra large or if your body size is twice the bunk, you will squeeze into it like that. πŸ˜‘ And then there were 30 of us in a room 😧…pheeeew!!

Ehm, I am not done. There is still plenty gist coming up! Stay glued to this space! 😎

What are some of the scary things you’ve experienced or heard of about Lagos? Share in the comments section below! πŸ˜Š

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  1. Welcome back dear, we sure did miss you. Well I’ve lived in Lagos for quite a number of years, so maybe it’s just me but I see Lagos like every other city just a bit busier, too full of activity and well I could add alot of opportunities. What part of Lagos are you staying and working, I’m pretty sure you would enjoy your service year.

    1. thatthickgirl says:

      Thank you Uju. I want to see it like any other city too, because I’m all for positivity, but the fear they try to instill is quite chilling. Lol. I stay around Gbadaga. As for working, I am still in search of a PPA as the one I was posted to by NYSC rejected me. ☹️

  2. My toes are curling in anticipation. I want to read more! The whole Youth Service thingy is scaring me already! πŸ˜‚

    1. thatthickgirl says:

      It shouldn’t. It may seem scary at first, but trust me, they are hyping it out of proportion. I can’t wait to see you in your Kopashun uniform πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  3. radioparrot says:

    Hmmmm, I’m actually waiting for the rest of the script …the aforementioned is just a brief of what happened in the first few days at camp…I think we still have many more script to read. I’m anticipating to Read.
    Meanwhile leeme welcome you to Lagos, where everyone is very busy and agreesive, was born and breed there, but!!!πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ
    Ilu Eko-Ilu Ogbon, Eko ile….Eko Akete….Eko Onibaje!!! you gonna explore the Logos, and don’t forget to sanwo-eko at any time they request for it.. πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
    Please if you don’t have…add to your music list one of the latest Kizz Daniel single *Eko*

    1. thatthickgirl says:

      Thank you. The next series will be available sooner than later. LolπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ by the way, from your description, Lagos seems like so much fun and I will definitely add the Kizz Daniel song to my playlist.

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